How does Jovan’s Body Works stand out from other fitness programs?

With Jovan’s Body Works, you get so much more than a personal trainer.  You get someone that guides you through a lifestyle change.  Besides coaching in exercise, Jovan is committed to your nutrition. Training with him include a grocery run where he teaches how to make the best food choices.

What kind of personal attention will I receive in group classes?

Classes are kept small so that personal attention can be given to each participant. Workout stations are set specifically with the intention to provide attention/assistance, providing one-on-one training opportunities. Throughout the class, the trainer “checks in” with each group member frequently to assess how they are doing.

How long will it take me to reach my fitness goals?

Each person will achieve their goals at a different pace. Jovan will work closely with you to set realistic goals with time tables to keep you motivated as you see progress.

What should I eat to aid in my fitness training success?

Jovan’s response: Eat the opposite of what you crave. Good nutrition is hard with all the fast food and quick-fix meals that easily fit into our fast-paced life styles. The chemicals and additives that are being added to our food prohibit weight loss, actually causing weight gain. Jovan will educate and guide you into making better food choices.

What kind of success has Jovan’s Body Works had with their clients?

Emily, who has been training at Jovan’s Body Works for more than four years, is in her 50’s and upon starting, had been a walker for 17 years. She quickly became one of the strongest clients. Since she started training, she has completed three half marathons and will be running a full marathon later this year.

Another client who has been training at Jovan’s Body Works for 3 years, had the lap band procedure. Instead of losing weight, she started gaining. Since she started training, she has succeeded in losing 180 pounds.

What kind of continuing education do trainers participate in to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in fitness and boxing?

Trainers must stay current on certifications. Jovan does that, but strives to add to his current levels of certification. Recently, he earned a Level 2 Boxing Coach certification through USA Boxing. Learning about new equipment and training styles is something that a true professional will stay on top of to keep their clients motivated and engaged in their training.

Do I have to be in top shape to keep up with other class participants?

No. Every exercise can be modified to meet the needs of each individual participant. For those with injuries, Jovan will sometime customize with substitutions. Whatever your ability or limitation, you will always be challenged to meet your potential, build your confidence and get you to that next fitness level.

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